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    Corporate Governance

A. On Institutional Matters 

  1. Revised Charter
  2. Subsidiaries and Affiliates
  3. Government Corporation Information Sheet
  4. The DBP Strategy Map:   2016   l   2017   l   2018
  5. 2016 DBP Annual Report
  6. 2015 DBP Annual Report
  7. 2015 DBP Annual Corporate Governance Report

B. On Board and Officers

  1. Board Composition:  2016  l  2017
  2. Biographical Details of Directors: 2016  l  2017
  3. Membership in Board Committees: 2016  l  2017
  4. List of Officers 
  5. Membership in Governing Board of Subsidiaries/Affiliates
  6. Complete Compensation Package
  7. Charter of the Board Committees
  8. Schedule of Board Meetings: 2016  l  2017
  9. Board Committees' Accomplishments
  10. Attendance record in Board and Committee Meetings: 2016  l  2017
  11. Board and Committee Appraisal System
  12. Orientation Programs/Seminars for Members of the Board
  13. The Corporate Secretary

C. On Financial and Operational Matters

  1. Unaudited Financial Report:  2016 2017
  2. Quarterly Financial Reports:  2016  l  2017
  3. Trial Balance for CY:  2016   l    2017
  4. Audited Financial Statements in the immediate past 5 years
  5. Corporate Operating Budget for the Year 2016-2017
  6. Local and Foreign Borrowings:  2016  l  2017
  7. All Borrowings Guaranteed by the Government:  2016  l  2017
  8. Any Material Risk Factors and Measures Taken to Manage such Risks

D. On Governance Matters

  1. Charter Statement/Mission-Vision
  2. Performance Scorecard:  2016   l   2017
  3. Performance Scorecard for the Immediate Past 3 Years
  4. Organizational Chart
  5. Manual of Corporate Governance
  6. The DBP Code of Ethics
  7. CSR Statement
  8. No Gift Policy
  9. Whistlebower Protection Policy
  10. GCG Whistleblowing Web Portal
  11. Internal Control and Risk Management
  12. Statement of Full Compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance
  13. Statement on the Review of DBP’s Material Controls (including operational, financial and compliance control
  14. Statement of the Board of Directors Affirming the Truthfulness and Fairness of the Annual Financial Statement/Reports
  15. Statement from the Board of Directors commenting on the adequacy of DBP’s internal controls/risk management systems

E. On Corporate Social Responsibility

F. Complaints Handling

* The Bank’s Sustainability Report, which is a part of the Annual Report, adheres to the Global Reporting Index.
  Date of Receipt of Audited Financial Statements: 31 July 2015; Date of Board Notation of the Annual Report – 21 October 2015
  (this was also the date copies of the AR started to be distributed); Date of Submission of AR to BSP – 23 October 2015

* Government Subsidies and Net Lending not applicable.











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