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DBP Forest Program

The DBP Forest Program is an initiative of the Development Bank of the Philippines primarily to protect the country’s critical watersheds and coastal areas and at the same time, enhance protection of the environment. Implemented in 2005, open forest areas are selected for planting of high value fruit and forest trees and mangroves that will reduce soil / coastal erosion, conserve water, increase biodiversity, serve as spawning ground for fishes and crustaceans, serve as protection against strong wave incursion, and promote rural livelihood opportunities.

Eligible Partners

  • Peoples' Organizations
  • LGUs
  • State Universities and Colleges
  • Other government agencies which have large forest areas under their management

Terms and Conditions

  • Project area within critical watershed areas/ river basins and areas needing rehabilitation/reforestation
  • Urban Park / communities and typhoon stricken area/s
  • Project sites have slope of 18% and above
  • Not to be subjected to land use change
  • Areas proven to be compatible with certain high value fruit trees
  • Accessible to allow easy bringing in of planting stocks and to facilitate monitoring and bringing of produce to markets
  • Partner has tenurial control over the project area
  • Rehabilitation of existing forest project sites of good standing forest partners/successfully implemented projects

Expected Benefits

  • Improved environmental conditions:
  • Reduced soil/ coastal erosion
  • Water conservation
  • Increased biodiversity
  • Protected communities from typhoon and tsunami
  • Improved socio-economic condition of people in communities/ livelihood opportunities

Allowable Area

  • For Upland  – 50 to 200 has.
  • For Mangrove – 10 to 100 has.
  • Assistance to be given by DBP

    • 100% cost of planting stocks (PS)
    • 40% of cost of PS for operating expenses
    • 10% of cost of PS for mortality
    • 10% of cost of PS for livelihood (planting of intercrops)


    Project Managers

    Aurora C. Maghirang
    Senior Assistant Vice President
    Financing Inclusive Development (FInD)
    8128088 / 818-9511 local 3309

    Elain B. Pagkanlungan
    Senior Manager
    Financing Inclusive Development (FInD)
    8128088 / 818-9511 local 2331
    Gerald M. Bueno
    Project Development Officer
    Financing Inclusive Development (FInD)
    8128088 / 818-9511 local 2331

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