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Job Description
Bank Executive Officer I

To be appointed in:
Talent Strategies and Management (Item No. 0300-127000-1213)

Job Mandate
Reporting to the Head of Talent Strategies and Management, this position is accountable for the implementation of talent management processes within the organization. The role requires the following:

  • In-depth knowledge of the organization, talent development review process, succession planning process, performance management process and career management principles.
  • Collaboration with the Talent Management Team to execute programs.
  • Serve as a link between Talent Management and other HR teams to ensure alignment.
  • Ensure consistent practice of talent management principles and systems across the organization.

Key Responsibilities
Succession Management

  • Working with the TSM Head, supports the creation of organization wide succession management processes and policies, the identification of talent pools and the impactful development interventions for identified talents.
  • Assess high potentials and candidates for critical positions regularly or as requested.
  • Ensure that management recognizes the importance of promoting from within.
  • Working with management in developing career development plans for high potentials.

Career Management

  • Develop and implement policies, processes, career pathways and developmental options which will enable employees to achieve their career objectives as aligned with the organization’s need for management succession.
  • Ensure the alignment of career management processes with the Performance Management System of the organization.
  • Employee competency assessment – leadership and functional

Performance Management

  • Planning, monitoring, reviewing and implementing performance management processes and systems.
  • Alignment of PMS with the CSC rules and org Balanced Score Card.
  • Organization Design and Effectiveness
  • Develop and maintain systems assessing the current workforce capabilities and work processes, and identifies future business requirements.
  • Identify gaps between the current and future requirements of the organization and implement solutions to address them.
  • Continuous job/role evaluation of all positions in the organization to ensure relevance and alignment with the industry.

Qualification Requirements
Education : Bachelor's degree in Commerce/Business Administration or relevant to the job
Work Experience : 5 years of managerial or human resource experience
Training : 32 Hours of managerial training / Management Associates Program
Eligibility : Career Service Professional / Relevant eligibility for 2nd level positions (e.g. RA 1080/PD 907)

Preferred Qualification

  • At least two (3) years work experience in career management, performance management or organization design
  • Proficient in PowerPoint , Excel and Word (Intermediate level)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Mastery skills required for data analysis and critical thinking
  • Ability to work well independently and own execution of projects
  • Proven experience in flexibility and adaptability in fast paced environment
  • Exposure to international talent management practices

Knowledge Areas

  1. Succession Management
  2. Career Management
  3. Performance Management
  4. Workforce Planning and Organization Design


  1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Ability to coordinate and monitor projects using principles of project management; Ability to manage multiple large scale projects simultaneously
  2. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - Ability to obtain, synthesize, interpret and analyze diverse information in order to generate possible solutions, arrive at decisions or prepare bases upon which good decisions can be made.
  3. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - Ability to establish and manage relationships with different individuals, groups, and segments within and external to Globe towards generating support, partnerships that will lead to the achievement of the strategies and goals of the organization. Considers the nature and complexity of interaction and the variety of organizations where the interaction takes place, which are required for the acceptable performance of the role.
  4. PROCESS MANAGEMENT & IMPROVEMENT – Ability to be re-engineering catalyst towards the improvement of operational processes and procedures resulting to improved customer service and satisfaction level, cost efficiency and business profitability.
  5. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT - Ability to develop and motivate talents to perform to at least meet company expectations & significantly contribute to the achievement of the team’s objectives and targets.
  6. COMPELLING COMMUNICATION - Clearly conveys information and ideas to individuals and groups in a variety of situations; communicates in a focused and compelling way that drives others’ thoughts and actions.
  7. VERBAL AND WRITTEN PRESENTATION SKILLS - The ability to deliver dynamic and informative presentations to a target audience, to facilitate understanding and/or to advance one’s influence towards specific views, attitudes, and behavior.


Uploading of resume to the DBP website is currently unavailable.Interested and qualified applicants are instead advised to fill out the attached Application for Employment form and send it with their resumes directly to the DBP Human Resource Management at recruitment@dbp.ph

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