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Water Supply

Water for Every Resident (WATER) Program

WATER Program is the umbrella program for the bank’s water supply projects.  Its objective is aligned with the thrust of the National Government as defined under the Philippine Water Supply Sector Roadmap prepared by the national Economic Development Authority which aims, among others, to ensure adequate long-term availability of and accessibility to potable water.


Program Objectives

WATER Program intends to expand coverage from waterless area to include the entire water supply sector which would mean to increase target investment from Php 5 Billion (2011-2016) to Php 25 Billion up to the end of the WATER Program by year 2025.  The WATER Program is expected to achieve the following specific objectives:

1. Source Development

  • Increase in billed volume (m3)
  • Potential additional/existing connections generated/supported
2. Water System rehabilitation, expansion and upgrading
  • Additional connections generated
  • Reduction in Non-Revenue Water (NRW)


Eligible Borrowers

  • Private Corporations
  • Water Districts
  • Local Government Units
  • Other Water Service Providers
  • Private Financial Institutions/Micro Finance Institutions


Eligible Projects

  • Source development for distribution or for bulk water supply.
  • Water transmission and/or distribution system rehabilitation, expansion and upgrading.
  • Development/installation of water treatment facilities/equipment.
  • Investment for Non-Revenue Water reduction or other efficiency-enhancing measures, such as but not limited to computerization of accounts, billing and collection system, installation of energy-saving equipment.
  • Purchase of necessary tools and equipment such as but not limited to generator sets, service vehicles, trucks, water leak detector including construction or rehabilitation of existing non-network facilities (e.g. office building, warehouse) to improve efficiency and service delivery.
  • Investment for Climate Change Adaptation Technologies (e.g. rain water collection system)


Eligible Expenditures

  • Capital Investment
  • Working capital requirement
  • Interest during construction
  • Refinancing of existing loan
  • Consultancy services
  • Project Preparation Activities (i.e. feasibility study, detailed engineering design)


Loan Features:

Equity Participation

  • Private corporations – minimum of 20% based on total project cost
  • Water Districts, Local Government Units, Associations and Cooperatives – minimum of 10% based on total project cost
For Water Districts and LGUs, DBP may finance up to 100% of the proposed project provided that safety measures are in place, such as, the loan is fully secured, all receivables are assigned in favor of DBP, ADB requirement is imposed, DBP is a major depository bank, etc. 


Interest Rate

Interest rate shall be based on the existing DBP circulars on lending rates while the credit spread shall be based on the Borrower Risk Rating (BRR).


Loan Term

The term of the loan shall be based on the project cash flows or depending on the source of fund. The mode of repayment shall be monthly or quarterly depending on the cash flow of the project and/or the business


Documentary Requirements

The checklist of requirements for the technical due diligence of the proposed project under the WATER Program is listed under Annex B.


Program Managers

Paul D. Lazaro
Head, Lending Program Management Group
818-9511 local 3310/3311

Maria Del Carmen H. Hernandez
Head, Program Development and Management I
893-1782 / 818-9511 local 2316

Raquel C. Anzures
Head, Loan Program Development Unit
893-3547/818-9511 local 2379
















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