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Infrastructure Contractors Support (ICONS) Program

The ICONS Program supports the infrastructure thrust of the national government including its Public-Private Partnership program, through direct financing of construction contractors as a complementary mode to fund various types of infrastructure spending as a goal of the government, higher levels of credit support for contractors will be needed to finance awarded contracts.

Program Objectives

  • To provide credit assistance to contractors in the completion of contracts;
  • To provide credit assistance to contractors who intend to expand their capacities through capital investments.


Eligible Borrowers

Contractors duly licensed by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) under the following:

A. Classification:

- General Engineering Contracting
- General Building Contracting
- Specialty Contracting
- Trade

B. License Categories:

AAAA, AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, Trade


Eligible Projects

•  Social Infrastructure

- Residential Buildings from single-family dwellings to high-rise buildings
- Non-Residential Buildings

•  Transport Infrastructure
•  Water Supply, Wastewater, Sanitation and Other Utility Infrastructure
•  Communications Infrastructure
•  Waste Infrastructure
•  Power and Energy Infrastructure


Eligible Loan Purpose

A. Short-term Loan Facility/Credit Lines

1. To finance contractor’s Purchase Orders (POs) and Contract Receivables
2. To finance clearing of checks through Domestic Bills Purchase Line
3. To finance liquidity and working capital requirements
4. To finance letter of credit/trust receipt and standby letter of credit

B. Long-term Loan Facility

1. To finance capital expenditures e.g. acquisition of construction
2. To finance multi-year contracts
3. To finance permanent working capital e.g. contactor’s business expansion projects,
     renovation of business premises, etc.

Loan Amount

• For Awarded Contracts:

70% of the validated Awarded Contract/PO amount

• For Business Expansion Purposes:

60% of the appraised value of the collateral


Interest Rate

• Based on prevailing rates of DBP


Mode of Release

1. For Financing Awarded Contracts

The approved loan to finance the awarded contract/PO shall be on a staggered manner based on the progress accomplishment of the financed contract/PO.

One-time release of up to 70% of the contract/PO amount shall be subject to final credit assessment of DBP.

2. For Financing Business Expansion

Releases shall be done in tranches, based on the percentage of project completion as validated by the authorized DBP representative.


1. For Credit Line

•  One time service fee upon approval

•  Micro and Small Enterprises - P5,000.00 or 0.1% of the approved loan amount
   whichever is higher

•  Medium and Large Enterprise – 0.5% of the approved loan

2. For Term Loan

• Front-end fee of 0.5% based on approved amount of loan regardless of asset size


Program Managers

Paul D. Lazaro
Head, Lending Program Management Group
818-9511 local 3310/3311

Maria Del Carmen H. Hernandez
Head, Program Development and Management I
893-1782 / 818-9511 local 2316

Raquel C. Anzures
Head, Lending Program Development Unit
893-1782 / 818-9511 local 2316



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