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Inter-Bank Funds Transfer

With DBP, transferring funds can just be a touch of the mobile phone.  No need to go to your bank of account and/or to the transferee bank/s.  And it’s available 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday!  You can do Funds Transfer real-time in 2 ways:

  1. Intra-bank Funds Transfer.  This facility is limited to ATM cards with multiple accounts linked to it.  It involves transferring funds from one account to another account, both of which are linked to the same ATM card.  No transaction fees will be charged for this type of transaction.
  2. Inter-bank Funds Transfer (IBFT).  This involves two different accounts (local currency only) and/or Bancnet member banks with IBFT service.  With this service, you can transfer funds to any type of accounts held in other Bancnet member banks.  
    This service is available via the ATM and through Bancnet Mobile Banking.

A service charge of P25.00 will be debited to the issuer account for every IBFT transaction.

No limit on the amount to be transferred and/or received from one account to another account.

The participating banks for this particular service are: Allied Bank, Allied Savings Bank, Asia United Bank, Banco Filipino, CARD Bank, China Bank Savings, China Banking Corp., China Trust, Citibank, City Savings Bank, Citystate Savings Bank, DBP, East West Bank, Enterprise Bank, Equicom Savings Bank, Green Bank of Caraga, HSBC, HSBC Savings Bank, Isla Bank, Malayan Bank, Maybank Phils., Metrobank, Opportunity Microfinance, PBCom, PSBank, PVB Card Corp., Philippine Business Bank, Philippine National Bank, Philippine Veterans Bank, Philtrust Bank, Plan Bank, Postal Bank, Producers Bank, QCRB

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